Beijing Law Society

     Founded in January 11, 1980, Beijing Law Society, led by the Communist Party of China Beijing Municipal Committee, is a people and academic organization, which serves as a bridge that links the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee & Beijing Municipal Government with broad masses of legal workers and jurisprudence circle in the capital of China. It is also the most important power that contributes much to strengthen construction for China’s socialist democratic and legal systems, to promote managing state affairs in accordance with the law and to construct a socialist country of rule of law.

    Founded in 2004, Beijing Applied Law Science Research Center of Beijing Law Society is the first such institute in China legal research areas, focusing on research of the applied laws; Founded in July, 1980, the Law Science Magazine of Beijing Law Society has been particularly focusing on such academic achievements as theoretical & practical research integration.

    At present, Beijing Law Society has twenty-four research societies and incorporation law societies, which have contributed much to the legal construction in the capital of China, Beijing.

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